Lara has been volunteering at Benny’s for many years now, she is the proud parent of the most amazing French Bulldog named “Joe”. She loves to play with all our guests, give them the love and affection they need and is very attentive to their needs. Lara’s help is indispensable in making sure that all dogs are properly cared for.


Lisa is originally from Pittsburgh, but has almost lived in Texas just as long. Lisa truly loves animals as she currently has 6 dogs and a cat, an in the past has Guinea pigs, mice, snakes, and ferrets- a lot of which have come from rescue situations. Lastly, Lisa sums up what most of us feel when she says “…dogs are a very big part of my life”


Adrian is originally from Los Angeles, CA then journeying to San Diego, Nashville and Atlanta, but now calls TX home. Like all my employees, Adrian loves working with dogs for the simple joy of being around them. He has also cared for various reptiles, fish and birds as well. Adrian excels at photographing the dogs and highlighting their activities and personality; this is especially evident in his work to get shy or nervous dogs to “come out of their shell”.


Dana has been with me since Benny’s Dog Resort was a one-man 12 dog capacity shop; she took a hiatus to start a family before returning and lending her talents to us again. Dana has dogs of her own and her care for them and those at the shop is evident in her dedication to her work.


Lindsay, a native from Denison, TX is an avid photographer and dedicated dog person. She has the ability to make the dogs feel at ease and comfortable in their environment, as she says “they are part of the family”. She loves to care for the pups and they reward her with tons of affection in return as their unconditional love always keeps the spirit up – it’s great to be part of the pack !

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  • Proudly, Independently-Owned and Operated For 14 Years and Counting
  • Only Highly-Trained and Dedicated Staff of Dog-Friendly Folks
  • Working With And Caring For Dogs
  • Convenient Location Near Belt Line And I-35 Makes Drop-Off Easy
  • No Need To Rush for Pick-Up We Have Flexible Hours!
  • Gourmet All-Natural Snacks and Treats Made Exclusively By Pupcake
  • Daycare Packages Available, Packages Usable Anytime And Never Expire

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